The Christmas Tree Man
The Christmas Tree Man was established in 1980 by Robert and Barbara Boag, at “Paddy’s River”, Wingello, in the NSW Southern Highlands.The business is now predominantly managed by their son John, and his wife Louisa, who also live on the property with their young children.

The tree species used are Pinus Radiata, Christmas Tree variety. Each year, thousands of tree seedlings are planted in the paddocks. As they grow in size, they are pruned twice yearly into the conical Christmas Tree shape, until they are eventually ready for harvest approximately 4 years later.

October to December is peak season for The Christmas Tree Man, with thousands of trees cut and delivered to a mix of wholesale and retail customers.

Harvest time is extremely busy, with workers pruning trees into the perfect shape, and grading and selecting trees in size and quality. Once the tree is cut, it is wrapped in netting to protect it from damage, and to minimise mess on delivery.

Trucks are loaded around the clock to meet demand, and The Christmas Tree Man workforce keep cutting and filling orders in rain, hail and shine. The trees are dispatched within hours of being cut, with most customers located in Sydney, the Southern Highlands.

Our customers often return year after year, and are always impressed by the fullness and freshness of our trees, along with their beautiful fragrance.

The Christmas Tree Man provide customers with the option of installation of the tree into the stand. We also offer our customers a tree pickup service in early January. Our proximity to Sydney, just 150kms away, ensures that trees are delivered fresh from the farm, grown with care by Australian farmers.

We connect with growers in Europe and the USA to keep abreast of changes and improvement in production and operation, and as our business continues to grow, we strive to provide the highest quality product and service for our customers.

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